The Lightning Strike

I am finally getting around to post about the lightning strike that has caused us some expected frustration with the irrigation system.  The strike happened on the Saturday afternoon of Labor Day weekend (Sept. 3).  Lightning hit the tree next to the halfway house and traveled to the roots and into the irrigation wires that are near the tree.  The tree was split perfectly down the middle with half falling after being struck and the other half standing.  The half that was left standing did have a large crack in it, so even if it had not have look the way it did, it would still have been removed.

The bark from the trunk was blown throughout the area.

The tree was shifted in the ground and roots and soil were blown our of the ground.

This is the irrigation pipe that was close to the tree that was blown apart.  A few wires were burned, and naturally the electricity traveled through portions of the system.  Several electrical boards were replaced in the  satellite controllers on 6, 7, 14 and 15.  A fused was blown in a satellite controller between 12 and 13 fairway, and an outlet in the pump house was burned from the strike.

This is a sampling of the boneyard that was created from the strike.  We are still working to get a few heads fixed on the tee box at 7.  The think we have the rest of them fixed at this point.

The remainder of the tree was taken down on the morning of Labor Day.
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