Tree Inventory And Trimming

Our trees received some attention this week.  On Monday and Tuesday a tree inventory was done on the entire property and on Wednesday a tree climber was in to clean out the remaining hanging branches left from the storm 2 weeks ago.

This was the 3rd time that a tree inventory was done on the property.  The first inventory was done in the mid-80's, then another in 2004.  The purpose of this inventory is to get back to a starting point after the renovation project.  The inventory does involve tagging and identifying each tree, but we will also get an assessment of its condition, age and recommended maintenance.

A tree climber is in the Ash tree right of 4 green to clean out some branches that were hanging in the top.  This was done with several trees, after the wind that felled the spruce on 8 fairway also left several branches hanging in the tree.  He was not able to finish on Wednesday and will be back out on Monday.

Here, the climber has cleaned out some branches from behind 2 green.
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