Aerating the Rough

For the past three days we have been aerating the rough around greens and tees and bunkers.  Our goal was to create  holes for air and water to enter the soil, so we used solid tines and did not pull cores out.  By completing these areas we hoped to target the majoring to the areas that receive the most cart traffic.  Providing holes in these areas will better allow air and water to enter through the notoriously hard surfaces that persist.

This was also done in preparation of a fertilizer application that we will be putting out soon.

The main concern while aerating is avoiding objects that could cause problems if not properly avoided.  This situation by 18 green is an example.  An irrigation head was hit while making a pass between the green and bunker which broke the connection between the irrigation head and pipe.  The mound is the displaced soil caused by the force of water when the pipe was broken.  This spot has since been fixed, but will require continued attention to return it back to normal.
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