Fertilizing the Rough

On Monday we made a fertilizer application to all of the roughs on the course.  The picture on the left shows the fertilizer in one of our bins waiting to be spread.  We had to cover it over the weekend to prevent in from being rained on, lucky for us, it did not rain on Monday and we were able to make the application.  Usually our fertilizer arrives in 50lb bags, or in 2000 lb totes if the bulk truck is applying, this time 22 tons arrived by the semi load.  Arriving by the semi load wasn't the most convenient, but the price was right.....free.  We did have to pay for shipping, but the fertilizer was free.  We had not planned on a fertilizer application right now for the roughs, but the opportunity presented itself, and we did not want to pass it up.

We did rent a spread to make the application quicker, and we used our own material handler to refill the walk spreaders.  The larger spreader was used around the fairways, while the walk spreaders were used around the greens and tees.  The picture on the right shows the walk spreaders getting a refill.

The typical application involves 50lb bags, or the 2000 lb totes, so this type of application was a first for us.  Everything went well, and we were able to fertilize the roughs on the course, as well as the driving range and chipping area.

The only downside that may come from this application is the odor.  The product is and organic fertilizer from the Milwaukee Sewage Commission called Milorganite, for MILwaukee ORGAnic NITrogEn.  We spent yesterday spreading a by-product of the sewage from Milwaukee residents.  The fertilizer is continually be produced, if a stock pile begins to accumulate, they need to get rid of it, which is how we were able to receive the fertilizer for the shipping costs only.
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