Verticutting is a maintenance practice that we perform on a regular basis on the course.  Verticutting or vertical mowing is a practice that utilizes a set of vertically oriented blades that cut into the turf canopy while they are spinning.  Depending on the specific goal of this practice, the blades can be set to cut into the canopy at different depths.

This picture gives an idea of how different depths can be applied.  The blade on the left is set at a shallow depth with the intent to cut leaves that are laying horizontally to control the grain of the grass.  The middle blade is set into the canopy slightly deeper to aid in the removal of thatch accumulation in the soil.  The deepest blade on the right is set to cut into the soil as a method of soil cultivation.

Shallow vertical mowing to control grain in the turf can be done several ways.  The picture on the left shows a set of verticutting blades on one of our fairway mowers.  The vertical blades spin ahead of the cutting blade to stand up the grass before it gets cut.  These blades are not designed to be set deep.

These blades are the verticutting units for our fairways.  This set of blades can be set deeper,  however, these are not designed to cut into the soil.

This verticutting unit is used on the greens.  These blades are set closer for the more dense canopy on the greens.  Though these units can be set deeper, we utilize them at a shallow depth for grain control.  We vertical mow the greens about once a month, usually followed by a topdressing.

This picture shows the blades from the underneath side.
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