Flowers Have Arrived

There was on upside on Wednesday.  Though the course was too wet to accomplish anything, our summer flowers arrived on Wednesday morning.  This turned out to be great timing.  We were able to delegate most of the crew to start planting flowers.

The spring flowers that were in place in the beds were removed.  We work the soil lightly, then apply a fertilizer before planting the summer flowers.

By the end of the week we were able to plant most of the flowers.  The flowers for the flower pots will be arriving later.  Stay tuned for a later post when I will highlight what kind of flowers are planted around the clubhouse.

The flowers that were removed from the beds are still in good shape.  You are welcome to help yourself to however many you are interested in.  They will be underneath the pine trees near the south parking lot until the middle of the week, at which time they will be disposed of.
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