Slime Mold

The persistent wet weather that has bothered the club for 3 weeks is beginning to take a toll on the turf.  The wet conditions invite a number of maladies that will inhibit desirable turf conditions.  One malady gave quite a show on Wednesday.  This one was a slime mold that showed in only a few spots on the 10th tee box.  I was excited to see this and get a picture because I had never seen a slime mold this color.

Slime molds can occur on all common turfgrass varieties when specific conditions exist.  The most common condition is prolonged periods of wet weather.  The fortunate thing about slime molds is they do not harm the turf.  If an outbreak becomes very widespread, the fruiting bodies that you see on the leaves can be removed my mowing or dragging.

The more typical blue/gray color of slime mold.  Taken last year on a tee box.

The orange spots are slime mold seen on the 10th tee on Thursday.

A close-up of the slime mold on the 10th tee.  You can click on the picture to enlarge the photo.
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