Testing A New Product

From time to time we are asked by a company if we are willing to test a product in the real conditions of a golf course.  We do not turn down the opportunity to assist a company who is working towards the same goal we are, which is improving turf conditions.  This is the first time we have come across these results.  Only 4 days after the application, I saw this on the driving range fairway.

We test this product in 4 locations around the course and this plot turned out to be the worst.  It is bad enough that the sequential applications that the program called for have be halted.

One reason they have been halted is we have already gotten the results we were looking for after the first application.  This is a product that can be sprayed to kill the annual bluegrass(poa annua).  It did kill the annual bluegrass.  The problem is that it killed the bentgrass also.

You may have been able to see this spot from the driving range tee, behind the Ash tree.  This spot has since been sprayed with green dye to mask the application.  This area will have to be reseeded.  This other areas we sprayed are much smaller.  We have seen some discoloration on those areas, but the turf has not died.
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