Tree Work Part 1

Some mid-season tree work has been underway.  This post addresses some pruning work that was done a couple of weeks ago.  The catalyst of this tree work was the storm that passed through on Friday, June 18th.  The storm left several branches hanging in the upper portions of the trees requiring a tree climbing crew to remove them.

Once the decision was made to bring a crew in, other trees that did not leaf out in the spring were included in the work (check Tree Work Part 2).

We suspect the ash tree on the right side of 2 approach was damaged during the storm, but it took another week for a large branch to fall.  When the branch fell, it damaged a large lower branch that had to be removed as well.  The top picture shows the lower branch being removed.

2 approach before the branch was removed from the ash tree.

After the branch was removed.

Other trees that were removed were located around the chipping area.  The tree with no leaves on the left was removed, the tree on the right will share the same fate soon.

After the tree has been removed.

This tree on the north side of the chipping area did not fully leaf out and was removed as well.

After the tree was removed.

The stumps of the trees are still in place.  After all the slated tree work is completed, the stumps will be removed and sodded over.
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