Starting Some Tree Removal

After receiving preliminary recommendations from our tree inventory, we are beginning to remove some tree this week.  We have not received the full report from our tree inventory yet, but we have received a list of trees that have been recommended for removal due to safety concerns.  Many of the trees on the list have sustained storm damage at some time and have continued to decline.  The assessment was none of these trees would ever be in better condition than they are now.

The noticeable trunk wound on this tree from a previous year's storm has caused this tree to continually decline.  Because of its proximity to the cart path, it is in the club's best interest to remove now.

We started removing these trees yesterday, and will continue through the list this week and later into the fall as needed.  It is likely that none of these trees will even be noticeable once they are removed because of their small size, or proximity to playing areas.
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  1. Looking good! Gotta love an orderly looking piece of land.