This Weeks Round of Storms

This week provided another round of troubling weather for the turf.  An effort to repair one area on Monday was all for not on Tuesday morning.  This is a picture from 3 tee on Tuesday morning after 2.5 inches of rain.  Water was running through the course for the majority of the morning on Tuesday.  Water still remained in 16 fairway into the afternoon as well.

Tuesday afternoon we were able to get out onto the course to fix the bunkers for Wednesday's play.  However, the turf was too wet to allow any equipment out.  We are just beginning to catch up on the mowing that was suspended due to the wet conditions on the course.  The rough, fairways and approaches will look long for a few more days until more mowings can be completed.

Wednesday morning started off well...

A fast moving storm came through early Wednesday morning.  We did not receive much rain, but 16 fairway had not fully drained from the day before and we were left with some water standing in 16 fairway again on Wednesday.  The 2 storms combined for over 3 inches of rain.

We are curious whether this tree by 6 fairway got struck by lightning.  There are a few fresh scuff marks on the bark, and this large branch fell during the day on Thursday.

We fear this area on 16 fairway will have some dead patches after this round of storms.  There was standing water in this area on Tuesday afternoon, and standing water again during the day on Wednesday.  We do not think it will be a large area, but some thinning in the dark areas in the picture.
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