Turf Scouting Report, August 20th

Chicago/Northern Illinois Update: Derek Settle

Unkind! It looked as though we had completed our last test - an especially hot period with a total of 6 days straight of 90+ degrees (Aug. 9 to Aug. 14). Our forecast was a cool break. And so we waited. On Tuesday, Aug. 17 it happened and Chicago's high temperatures were unable to cross 80 degrees. Amazingly, we learned 2010 had set an all-time record for a consistently warm summer - 46 days straight of daytime highs at least 80 degrees. Summer 2010 now holds number 1 with 1955 number two at 42 days. For my part I have watched this season unfold with usual diligence - life of turf is entirely dependent on weather that is sometimes unkind! 

Summer 2010 is now compared to two other summers of recent Chicago memory (1988 and 1995). Hot summers seem to hit the upper Midwest about once every decade. For example, up to this point, 2010 now ranks as the 9th warmest with an average temperature of 75 degrees. Interestingly, years that experienced significant turf loss in superintendent's memory are also highly ranked (1988 = 2nd warmest and 1995 = 5th warmest). For newer golf courses and young superintendents early in their career, this has been their most challenging season. From start to finish problems have been continuous and difficult. Unkind summer 2010, are you finished yet? 

This weekend should be kind - another cool down expected.

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