Turf Scouting Report, August 13th

Talk of one inch hoses? Lots lately. This week's summary will share what impressed me on golf course visits - besides tan patches of dead grass. Here's what. First, intensive water management is not easy. By hand it looks simple yet it's difficult - how we avoid Poa annua wilt. Talk of 'brown is green': Otherwise known as 'Poa annua is dead when brown'. Second, a return to sympathy for golf green health as mowing heights are adjusted without regard to speed. Talk of mowing heights: below 0.100 inch during a record hot July-August, 2010 is plain dumb. Third, a good attitude - without which superintendent and crew could not do their job during a rootless/ruthless summer. Talk of no sleep: is unhealthy. Forth, good skepticism - understanding news of a disease from a bygone era is stuff of a bad superintendent dream or a 1980's memory of Toronto bentgrass. Talk of bacterial wilt: the usual problem green with midsummer physiological decline (poor drainage and/or lacks air movement). Suggested treatment for all the above: raise the mowing height. Preaching to the choir I suppose. Presently, height of cut is up, our modus operandi during an especially hot summer across the U.S. Back to the story which focuses on week two of August. Hot, hot, hot. Today, we marked our 6th straight day of 90+ degree highs on the calendar. Talk of rootless plants and ruthless weather is real if you're experiencing life as a turfgrass manager during season number 2010. That's a lot of talk for turf.

August 13th Turf Scouting Report
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