Overseeding Update

All of the areas in the fairways that will be overseeded have been completed.  The seed that was planted first is beginning to show now.  This picture is of the driving range.  You can also see where one of the rain events we had washed out a portion of this area.  We are still planning on sodding some of the worst areas on the fairways.

We started to overseed the intermediate cut around the fairways and the walkways today.  Most of the damage in these areas is the result of a disease called summer patch.

We did test an area on the hill in front of 3 green.  It is obvious this test didn't go well.  We will explore other methods for adding seed to this area.

The areas that have been seeded will remain roped of for a few weeks.  We are also changing our mowing frequency in these areas to favor the new seed.  These areas will be mowed less frequently.  As a result, the grass in these areas will be longer for a period of time also.
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