Deep In Data

I should have done a post about our irrigation auditing first, this post may make more sense if I had.

Golf Course Industry magazine asked several courses what methods they have been using to conserve water.  Naturally, the conservation of irrigation water is a big issue for many golf courses.  Though we are not subject to water use restrictions for our irrigation water, many areas of the country are subject to them on a regular basis.  Here is a link to what we offered.

Deep In Data

This is the graphical representation that we use to see what areas of the green are getting more or less water.  This is for the 18th green.  This image is of the first irrigation audit done.

This is the 18th green after the second irrigation audit when times were adjusted.  You can see that a more uniform application is made across the green surface.

I will get another post or a list of posts made about what we have been doing.
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