Letting The Soil Breath

Allowing air below the soil to exchange with air above the soil is a regular maintenance practice for us throughout the year.  We have many different pieces of equipment that we can use depending on what our ultimate goal is.  Through the summer we try to get through the course every 3-4 weeks, but use equipment that will cause minimal disruption.  We decided this week would be a good time after the very hot temperatures and the excessive amount of rain we received over the weekend.

On the greens and tees we used a "needle tine" on our aerators to create a small hole about 6 inches deep.

Conny spiking our tees today.

Here Torres is using our aerator to spike 4 green on Monday.

Torres is using a different piece of equipment to spike our fairways today.  It take one person about 10 hours to get through all of our fairways and approaches with this.

This is a nice piece of equipment to use in the summer.  It is quick, and leaves very discrete holes that are 2 inches deep.

The greens are done and the tees, fairways and approaches will be done by the end of today.  We hope that this will allow the soil to dry quicker and more evenly after being saturated for a few days, but more rain in the forecast over the next few days.  If it does rain, these holes will allow the rain the infiltrate the soil quicker.
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