Turf Scouting Report, November 11th

Triple 11 is Good Luck Somewhere? First Snow, Few Issues, Hindsight is 20/20, and Tim says Scleropthora macrospora 

Chicago/Northern Illinois Update: Derek Settle -

It snowed in northern Illinois! It was what we had been waiting for - all around first reports had occurred. In Chicago early November had been cruising along with few periods of frost, but on Thursday all would change when clouds combined with freezing tempertures would deliver a more solid substance. For most Midwesterners it was nothing new and reports of snow had already occurred in Wisconsin and south in places like Kansas. Old Man Winter now has at least one foot in the door, but we're ok. Golf courses have been diligent in preparations for winter and most deciduous trees are now without leaves. It's just the few maples and elms that continue to linger with a golden canopy, not to mention those stubborn oaks. Still, outdoors a few color standouts remain like the bright reds of burning bush, Euonymous alata, and the usual splash of green courtesy of dormant turf. We'll continue to see some color until snowcover, but it's always amazing to see the speed by which our landscape becomes a monochrome of browns and grays. 

As far as scouting and research goes - not too much to say this week. We put out final applications on a study for selective removal of Poa annua from bentgrass, but we'll have to wait until next spring to get a good estimate of what worked. In the meantime final research reports are going out and, at times, I clog my email. When will I ever learn to use fewer images? 

Click here to view the November 11, 2011 Scouting Report. 

Have a good weekend and... is it really time to begin embracing snow again? 

Derek Settle, PhD 
Director of Turfgrass Program 
Weather Blog 

Timothy A. Sibicky, MS 
Manager of Turfgrass Research 
Research Blog
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