Change Of Pace This Week

The weather had the drainage work on 11 stalled this week, so we turned our efforts towards getting the accessories off the course for the winter.  Only a few trash cans and ball washers remain for any late season golfers.  All signs, boundary stakes, and tee markers have be brought in for the winter as well.  We closed the driving range tee this week and are almost finished filling the divots and having it ready for the winter.

The rain earlier this week has stopped the drainage work on 11 for a few days.  We received just under 2 inches of rain for the week.  The rain was heavy enough to allow us to get pictures of how the water moves across the fairway on 14 and down towards the approach.  This will be the next area that a large drainage project is done.

This picture illustrates why 14 approach is often wet.

Leaf clean up has been the concentration today.  The rain and heavy wind this week did a wonderful job of getting the majority of the leaves that were left in the trees onto the ground.  We will be working on cleaning leaves all of today and into tomorrow.  We feel like the fairway on 11 will be dry enough to allow us to revisit the drainage project tomorrow.
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