Drainage Project In 11 Fairway

11 fairway has always been one of the worst areas on the course after rains.  The edges of the fairway slope towards the center, and there is significant grade sloping towards the tee.  This concentrates the surface drainage into the center of the fairway and to the lower part of the fairway.  Though the surface grade is steep enough for water to drain, the size of the water shed is too large.  As a result, too much water gets concentrated to too small an area, and wet conditions persist.

Here is a picture of the 11th fairway during a heavy rain.

There is a main line that runs up the center of the fairway that laterals will connect to.  The laterals will run out to the edge of the fairway.

You can see the lines painted for the laterals in this picture.

There will also be 2 catch basins on the main line to grab the surface water that runs down the middle of the fairway during heavy rains.  The curve in the main line is there to follow the path of the surface water as it runs down the fairway.

The drain will run into the edge of the pond on 17.  There will be around 5000 feet of pipe installed in the fairway for the project.

As always, we will keep you updated with our progress on the drain.  We are expecting it to take us 2 weeks, or more depending on the weather.  While we are working on it we would ask that you play hole 11 as a par 3 from the temporary tee in the fairway.
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