Around The Course Last Week

The drainage projects last week took most of the crew's time, and also most of the content on the blog.  Those projects have been finished, so we can move on to other items.  Here is an update on other projects that were completed or started last week:

Our yearly maintenance on the pump station was completed early last week.  This involves changing the oil in the pumps, repacking bearings, tightening spindles, checking connections in the panel, etc.  We do have a weekly checklist that is completed throughout the season.  When it comes to the pump station, we feel you can never perform too much preventative maintenance.

The pump station was also washed and waxed last week as well.  As cooler well water is pumped through the pipes during the summer, condensation forms on the pump station surfaces.  A regular cleaning and a wax will help these surfaces resist rusting as they age.

In a previous post (here) we mentioned we had seeded our fairway nurseries.  Last week was the first time to mow them.  They are coming in well, and the warmer temperatures and rain are pushing them along as fast as we could have hoped.

We have started another round of arborvitaes near 2 tee.  A few arborvitaes were planted along the fence next to 2 tee on Friday, with the remainder of them planted yesterday.

More arborvitaes are scheduled to be delivered today.  Those will complete the line at the fence along Chicago Avenue.

The area that was used to put the spoils from the dredging of 11 pond is holding water in the middle.  We will need to ad a drain in this location at some point.  While the water is has been standing in this spot, a duck as taken a liking to it.
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