Drainage Work Done On 14...and 5

After only 4 days of work, the drainage project on 14 and a small drainage project at 4 approach and 5 tee is done.  The contractor started marking irrigation lines and laying out the pipe on Monday morning.  They started digging across 14 approach on Monday afternoon and had all the pipe in the ground by Wednesday afternoon.  The project on 14 went quick enough that the contractor had some time left and asked if we had any other work they could do for us.  We had plans to put a drain in to help the area between 4 approach and 5 tee so we let them do that job as well.

This project will help keep the approach on 14 dry and gives us the ability to expand the drainage into 13 fairway in the future.  Six drainage basins were installed in this area to prevent the water from moving over ground for too long a time.  This will also keep the hillside on 14 more dry, and allow for better turf conditions through the summer.

This area between 4 approach and 5 tee benefited this week also.  The project on 14 went much quicker than planned, which allowed us to do this drainage as well.

Here are some pictures from both projects:

A job well done.

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