Cart Path On 4

The cart path project at 4 green was started and completed last week with no problems.  We hope to have some cart traffic use this path to relieve the wear between 4 green and 5 tee during the hot months of the season.  After heavy rain, this path will also gives us the opportunity to rope that area off and move carts to the cart path.
Monday we painted lines for the edges of the path, and soon after the crew began trenching a line for the edge.  This insured a nice clean edge for the cart path.

The soil was removed, then a base layer of gravel was soon to follow.  The finish layer of gravel is the same red gravel that has been used on other paths around the course.  A great job by Juan, Samuel, and Antonio who did all of this in one week.  Enjoy the series of pictures from the project.

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