Supplemental Aeration In The Fairways

This week we started a more involved aeration in some fairway locations.  Our usual aeration in the fairways involves only a solid tine.  (Due to our fairway topdressing program, we do not want to bring up the heavy soil underneath and mix it with the sand that has been applied on top).  However, some areas that receive heavy cart traffic are too compacted for the regular solid tine to keep up.  This fall we will pull a core in these areas, remove the plugs, and refill the holes with sand.

These areas are concentrated around bunker edges in the fairways.  These spots funnel the cart traffic through a smaller area resulting in a higher concentration of cart traffic.  Heavily compacted soil results in less pore space for water, air and roots to move through the soil.  A poorer growing environment will lead to less than ideal conditions in these areas.

On Monday we completed the areas near the green in 5 fairway, and around the bunker in 6 fairway.  Many of the edges of the fairway bunkers will be done this fall.

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