Sod at 3 and 4 Tees

One of the major sod projects we are working on this fall involves removing bentgrass from the bluegrass roughs on green and tee banks.  Bentgrass from the greens and tees has made its way to the roughs and is unsightly when mowed at the height of the roughs.  There are many ways that this can happen, but the easiest way to fix it is with new sod.  The tee bank on 3 tee (left) was nearly all bentgrass.  The entire bank was stripped and new sod installed.

Roughs immediately adjacent to the tee boxes are the most prominent areas of bentrgrass invasion.  These areas will be done throughout the course this fall. When doing this, the tee box is measured and squared if it needs to be, and the edges straightened.

The tee bank on 4 tee had bentgrass on it, but it was also the victim of the bluegrass billbug larvae, and grubs.

Many of the tee edges will be done this fall, but these are the 2 largest areas of sod to be laid.
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