Leveling Drainage Lines and Irrigation Heads

Another item on our list of fall projects involves leveling areas that have settled through the years.  Drainage lines and irrigation heads are the most common offenders.  This picture shows the drainage lines in 11 fairway that were installed last year (Drainage Project in 11 Fairway, Back To Work On 11 Fairway).  Through the year the soil underneath has settled, which was expected, and it is now time to start topdressing them heavy to level them again.  We will put a heavy layer of sand on and brush it in until the area is level.

Many of the areas are around irrigation heads.  These areas are being dug up, the heads leveled with the surface, and the areas around the head leveled as well.  Making the surface as level as possible with allow for a more uniform look, and a more even mowing cut.
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