Clean Up From Heavy Rains

1.8" in each of the last 2 days has transitioned our focus from maintenance to clean up.  Our 4 day total has reached 4.22" of rain since Friday morning.  It will take a few days to dry down the course to allow us to fine tune our maintenance practices again.  It looks like we could have a couple of days with no rain, but it is back in the forecast for this weekend.  We will start the day with NO CARTS, and will re-evaluate at noon to see if there is a possibility for carts in the afternoon.

This bunker represents a typical clean effort after a heavy rain.  Any debris or soil that get washed into the bottom of the bunker from the heavy rain is removed, the the sand is pushed back up to the edges.  Our bunkers drain very well, so significant washouts are typically not a problem, but this little bit of clean up still requires a good effort from the crew.

Other than the storm cleanup and some lingering standing water, it has started out to be a nice day.
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