Spring Bunker Work

This was a post that I had ready last week until the rains forced us to change our schedule.  Each spring we spend a little extra time get the bunkers ready to go for the golfing season.  This work involves removing debris, checking sand depths and moving sand.  This year we added one step-edging.

Our trim work on the bunkers through the season involves cleaning the edges with a weedeater, but no major edging work.  This project involves using a shovel to cut a clean edge, removing the old turf, and finishing by moving the sand to the proper depth.  We do not like to work on the edges more than is necessary, but since nothing had been done since the construction, it was time for a little touch-up work.

It turns out our timing could have been better.  In the middle of this project, we received the 5.5 inches of rain.  Though the edging was finished, the crew had to return to the previous bunkers to move the sand around again.  From start to finish, this turned out to be very time consuming.  However, the bunkers have been completed and are ready for the golfing season.
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