More Progress On The Course

Slowly, things are coming along on the course.  We have done a first mowing on the fairway and approaches.  Greens were mowed again today for the second time.  The bunkers have been cleaned and one raking has been done.  It will take a few rounds raking the bunkers to get the sand in shape.  Rakes are in the bunkers now, so be sure to rake your tracks for the golfers behind you.  Tee markers are out on the course now as well.

We do not have a start date yet for the carts or the driving range tee.  We are waiting for the grass to start growing so it may recover from traffic and divots before we start to injure it.  We will plan on having the halfway house open next weekend.  Most of the crew was back this week.  A few more will start next week.  The weather forecast does not look too promising next week either. If mother nature ever decides to cooperate we will be ready to go!
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