Hail Damage on Flowers

The flowers are displaying the unfortunate consequence of dealing with a variety of weather conditions.  The hail from Monday night has left the flowers tattered and torn, but they will survive.

We are will be planting the flowers around our flag pole today.  However, the first step is to remedy a soil problem that has developed through the years.  Every winter when snow is removed, the circle drive receives a large pile of snow.  Usually, the snow has salt mixed in with it from the previous time the circle drive was salted.  Over time, this has resulted in excessive amounts of salts in the soil, which has led to a decline in the flowers through the season.  This year we are starting by removing the soil that is in the circle drive and replacing it with fresh soil.  After some warm weather and rain, which are both in the forecast, the flowers should get a good jump start for the year.
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