Beginning To Open The Course

The time has come to begin preparing the course for opening.  The course came through the winter in good shape and is beginning to green up.  The first step to begin getting the course ready will be a thorough cleaning of all the debris that has fallen.  There are a few small limbs down, along with lots of trigs and branches.  Getting all the twigs of the ground will make way for the rollers and mowers to go to work.

There are a few bunkers that still have snow in them, but I suspect that will melt over the next couple of days.  In the bunkers we will work on cleaning leaves off the faces of the bunkers and any debris that is in the sand.  Then we will begin checking sand depths and moving sand to achieve a consistent depth.

On the greens, we will roll them first to ensure the surface is smooth before we attempt to mow them.  We are watching the weather to make a decision on when to open the greens.  We do not expect them to be open this weekend.  Historically, we have opened the greens around the 25th of March.

It won't be long before the course is in playing condition!
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