The Experience at Farmlinks

A few weeks ago Tim was invited to a meeting at Farmlinks with other attendees from the Chicagoland area. Tim had a scheduling conflict and deferred the invitation to me. Farmlinks is located in Sylacauga, AL and has an 18-hole golf course that is used as a research facility for a wide range of products used for golf course management. The course is also a highly rated public golf course.

Here is what the Farmlinks website has to say:

Blending three days of rest and relaxation with innovation and education, The Experience at FarmLinks is a one-of-a-kind teaching tool for golf course superintendents and sports field and grounds professionals. While enjoying championship golf, fine dining and Southern hospitality, guests witness ongoing research and demonstration and the industry’s most current – and some yet-to-be-released – products, services and equipment.

I will be representing NCC at Farmlinks this week, Wed.-Fri.  Keep updated with what I am doing through our Twitter account.

Farmlinks Website

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