Pictures From The Course Yesterday

Here are a few pictures from a walk around the course on Tuesday.  The course is in good shape, and appears to have come through winter with little damage.  The top few inches of soil has thawed, but is still frozen underneath.  Our crew members that remain through the winter were able to get out of the maintenance building today to clean up a few limbs.

There are a few areas through the course where snow is still sitting around drains.  We expect there to be some snow mold damage once these finally melt off, but the grass should recover quickly.  The area that appears to have the most damage is on the bank of the creek along 1 green.  When warmer weather comes and the grass begins to grow, we will rake this area to remove any dead leaf tissue.  This will give the new growth a better opportunity to fill in more rapidly.

This picture is from the driving range tee and shows how much greener the grass is under the cover.  This difference will become more pronounced when we get warmer temperatures.  We hope this will allow the grass to come out of dormancy quicker to allow for better divot recovery on the tee for early spring use.
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