The Report From Farmlinks

I had a great visit to Farmlinks last week along with 20 others from the Chicagoland area.  Farmlinks is a fantastic piece of property with fantastic hospitality.  I was able to squeeze in some golf and clay pigeons amongst the education.  After we arrived, we listened to a presentation on slow release fertilizer types and their applications.

We spent Thursday morning touring the golf course with Director of Agronomy and Research, Mark Langner.

This tour usually includes a look at the maintenance facility and the equipment.  However, only two weeks before we arrived, a fire destroyed their maintenance facility and equipment.

After the course tour, we listened to a presentation on irrigation auditing.  Then in the afternoon I took advantage of their 5-stand to shoot some clay pigeons.  The next morning rounded out the education with the latest on fungicide chemistries.

The clubhouse at Farmlinks.
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