Dramatic Changes At 3 Green

A change that began last fall is almost complete.  There had been a growing concern about the area left of the green as it relates to playability and the rules of golf.  The area has had several different projects done to it over the years but nothing since the project.  The hill was left to grow as it wanted and had a combination of grass, shrubs, brush and a couple of trees.  This left the golfers vulnerable to losing a ball from a shot that was not that far off line.

This is what the area started as in the fall.  We began by clearing the brush off the ground to make it easier to find a ball that might find its way into the area.  After some of the brush was removed, we mowed the area and left it over the winter.

This is what it looked like early this spring after more brush removal.  At this point we had decided to remove all the undergrowth and replace sod in this area.  We hope the sod will still stop a ball before it makes its way down to the fence and the golfer will be able to find their ball and play a recovery shot.  Here is a series of photos of some of the work:

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