Work On The Pond At 11 Tee

Last season you may have noticed a spot between the cart path and pond on 11 was beginning to show a sink hole.  This spring we dug it up to find out exactly what the problem was.  There is a pipe that moves the overflow for the pond to a concrete tank underneath the cart path.  From there the water move out of the tank into another pipe that moves it to the pond on 17.  After it was dug out, the underside of the metal pipe that was in the ground had completely rusted out and soil was being washed from around the pipe into the concrete tank.

The hole was dug out and a new pipe was put in place.

We were not able to get the repair completed before a rain event set us back a little.

After the rain, we needed to dig around the pipe again to prepare for more concrete to seal the pipe to the concrete tank and to hold the pipe in place.
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