A Slow Start

This was the soil temperature reading on 12 green yesterday morning.  Our weather station logged a low of 31.1 degrees last night which gave us a frost delay today and will bring the soil temperatures down a little more.  This will not injure the turf, but it will make for a slow start to the year.  Though the grass is green, at these temperatures, the grass is not growing.  Last year during the middle of April our soil temperatures were between 60 and 65 degrees which is a more ideal growing condition.

These cooler temperatures have given us the opportunity to get more little projects done rather than concentrating on mowing everyday.  We have been able to weed and prep our pine beds, chip a pile of limbs into mulch, clean the fence rows along the property lines and get our beginning of the season bunker work done.

This was the soil temperature reading on 15 green yesterday.  It forecast does not show a dramatic warm up, so it looks like this slow start will last another week.
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