Turf Scouting Report, April 8th

April 8, 2011 Scouting Report

We're Green: April Showers, Kentucky Bluegrass Awakes, Forsythia in Bloom, GDD Tracker Works, A New Website, and Tim's Arboriculture Dissertation

Chicago/Northern Illinois Update: Derek Settle -
We're Green. I hate to say it but until this week's warm temperatures it didn't exactly feel or look like spring. For example, lawns and roadsides were still more shades of tan and brown than green. This week that all changed. It began with a dramatic warm-up last weekend and much of Illinois uniformily felt 80+ degree highs on April 3. In Chicago temperatures at sunrise began in the 40s and over a 12-hour period we had gained 30-35 degrees. It was surreal. Even little Sunshine Course in Lemont hit 77 degrees that day. Folks took notice and began enjoying the outdoors and singing birds were especially vocal. For most golf courses, regular turf management has begun - last green covers are now removed. It turns out most putting surfaces have been carefully mowed for the past 2-3 weeks and most fairways have received a first cut.

April has delivered BIG in categories necessary for plant growth and means our outdoor environment is getting back to the way we like it. It's green and has the occasional flower. It's without freezing temperatures that remind us of winter. It's with showers that provide necessary rain. It's with warmth that halts lingering dormancy. Light jackets are on and...we're green! DS

Click here to view the low resolution version of the April 8, 2011 Scouting Report.

Have a good weekend...it's supposed to be another warm one!

Derek Settle, PhD
Director of Turfgrass Program

Timothy A. Sibicky, M.S.
Manager of Turfgrass Research
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