Wet Week For The Course

The rain didn't want to stop this week.  We had 0.70" on Saturday morning, 0.80" on Monday morning, 0.68" on Tuesday morning, 0.26" this morning and almost 0.20" since we have been at work today.  Thankfully it looks like the bulk of the rain will be missing us to the south.  Our total for the week is still a little more than 2.5".

As I mentioned earlier, most of our time this week was spent on getting our bunkers in shape.  This involved trimming and pulling weeds around the edges, moving sand to provide a uniform depth and finishing up with a thin layer of fresh sand.  The bunker on the left was done and ready for a fresh layer of sand.

Here is a picture of the guys adding a fresh layer to the green side bunker on 9.
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