Lightning Protection for Trees

Early this past summer the potential dangers that lightning possess for trees became obvious when we lost a tree on the left side of 2 fairway. Previous posts:

     Losing a Tree
     Some Aftermath from the Rain

Last week lightning protection was installed on a few trees on the course.  These trees were part of an ongoing effort to install protection on what the club has identified as key trees on the course.  These key trees are considered prominent features of the course.  There are several trees throughout the course that have now been completed.

The lightning protection on a tree involves routing cables from the top down the trunk and into the ground surrounding the tree.

The cable are buried in the ground in a line extending away from the tree.  The tree in these pictures is the Elm left of the 13th fairway.
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  1. I am planning on planting some baby trees in my yard. I am afraid that the winter may destroy them. Are there things that I can do to weather protect the trees?