Getting A Drainage Project Done

Most of the crew started back to work last Monday, and a few more began work yesterday.  It is nice to have the crew back and try to get into a routine for the season.  With the weather still stuck in February, we are trying to get some projects done while mowing is not even on our to do list yet.  The first project was the installation of drainage at 1 tee.  The area between the end of the cart path and the fairway regularly held water much longer after a rain than other areas on the course.  With the amount of traffic through this area, it regularly created issues with where to rout traffic.  This was completed at the end of last week.  This area should gradually get better through the year.

Other projects are on the horizon and a few have been started this week.  We have removed a declining tree and removed some over grown and old bushes.  Other projects will include a refreshing (but no significant changes) of the clubhouse landscaping and some more drainage.
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