A New Look For The Front Of The Clubhouse

As you have been in and out of the clubhouse the past two weeks, you probably noticed our progress on the lawn and flower beds.  Not much changed, but it does have a fresh look to it.  Some of the bed lines changed and we laid new sod.  A new shrub is on the way to replace one that was removed.  This area will only look better as we move into summer.

Here is the before picture in front of Club 21.  The shrub at the corner was removed and will be replaced soon.

Here is the after picture.  New sod, mulch and cleaned up beds.

Here is the before picture for the entrance by the dining rooms.

We liberated stones from another area of the course to make the bed larger and smooth out the bed lines.  We also made a small bed at the top to hide the foundations of the sidewalk and steps.

Here is the after picture.

Here is a before picture of the entrance near the proshop.  We made this bed bigger and also included a smaller bed again to hid the sidewalk foundation.

Here is the after.

Not a lot of changes, but it does have a fresh look.
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