Why We Close The Greens Through Winter

There are examples on several greens throughout the course of damage from traffic over a frozen green.  This is why we play to a location in the approach rather than allow traffic on frozen greens.  There are many days during the winter when the weather is sunny and warm, but the soil and the portion of the turf canopy closest to the soil is still frozen.  The growing point of the grass plant is in this area of the canopy just above the soil surface.  Exposure to any type of compression while frozen with damage that portion of the plant.  The brown leaf blades on the greens in the shape of a dog's paw(or coyote) show what the damage looks like.  This is the same damage that would occur if traffic is allowed on frost covered grass.

Most of the spots on the greens are from a paw prints.  However, 10 green has some significant damage from foot prints.  Perhaps somebody was playing to the greens in the winter when they should not have been?  I do not know.

These areas should grow out, but it will take time.
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