Rainy Week, Again

It has been a rainy couple of weeks on the golf course.  4.7 inches of rain since last Tuesday morning, and we are watching rain build on the radar for tonight.  Tornado watches are already out for areas west of Chicago.  Our schedule has been rearrange the last 10 days, but somehow we have managed to get things mowed.  Timing has been delayed, and grass has been tall, but it is still getting cut.

The rain, with a little bit of sun, has really greened the course. With the good comes the bad-the rough is growing and is very thick.  It is in the tail end of the roughs most prolific growth cycle of the year, so I suspect the continuous searching for golf balls will come to and end.  This has also been one of the wettest springs on record, which has helped to thicken the rough as well.  A heavy dose of rain tonight may push us over that old record.

Through it all, the course has come through the spring well and is in good shape for the start of summer.  Summer flowers will be showing up next week.  More drainage work is planned, but has been put on hold due to the rain.

Let's hope the rain tonight and tomorrow is light so this weekends Member-Member will be dry.
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