Lightning Safety On The Course

We have had a few rounds of severe weather already this year.  More is predicted for this afternoon and evening.  We hope the little damage we have received to this point in the year will continue through.  With these rounds of weather, it is time to remind you of our lightning detection system and what the signals mean.

Sirens are located on the top of the clubhouse, and near the green on hole 13.  When the sirens sound one long blast, all golfers are required to leave to the course and take shelter in the Halfway House or the Clubhouse. It is not an alert that means watch for bad weather. It means lightning has been detected nearby and it is dangerous to be outside.

Three short blasts from the siren means "all clear".  Just because it has stopped raining and it appears the storm has passed does not mean the lightning danger has passed as well.  Golfers are required to wait for the "all clear" signal before they can return to the course.
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1 comment:

  1. Steven - One correction to your timely article,
    ThorGuard is a lightning PREDICTION system. The
    alarm sounds when there is a high probability of
    lightning to occur in the immediate area.

    I guess this only matters if someone is a science
    guy or they know four people that were struck by
    lightning with no previous or trailing strikes seen or thunder heard in the area.