Turf Scouting Report, May 17th

Its back!

Members and fellow turf professionals, the weekly scouting report is back and hopefully with some new and interesting tidbits to keep you guys in a comfort zone as we move through the golf season. I will aim to talk about a range of topics on top of what we see on a weekly basis with a paragraph on my take on abiotic stresses that we may be seeing. Finally - I will say I am very excited to be here and hope to get out and interact with you all very soon.

Click here to view the May 17, 2013 Scouting Report.

I would like to wish everyone the best for the season and I hope I can continue to serve you as well as my predecessors. If you do need an extra set of eyes or have some ideas for research please don't hesitate to call. It has been excellent getting to meet everyone so far and I hope to continue the process.

Ed Nangle PhD
Director of Turfgrass Programs
Chicago District Golf Association
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