Rainy Week

Monday started the week as one of the driest days of the year, but the following days have been some of the wettest.  Storms on Monday night into Tuesday morning left 2.05 inches of rain at the course.  Water was across the 16th fairway and running behind the 14th green for the 2nd time this year.  By the end of the day, the water was down and the course was in good shape.  However, storms Tuesday night brought another 0.60 inches on Wednesday morning and 0.50 inches through the day Wednesday.  This brought the total to 3.15 inches and has left the course very wet.  Carts have not been allowed yesterday or today and the only hope for carts on Thursday is if we do not get anymore rain.

We were forced to repair bunkers on Tuesday morning as well as repair a few wash outs of the cart paths.  Other than the rain, the course has exhibited little other storm damage aside from the tree on the right side of 9 fairway.  A large limb fell on Monday night.  It is unclear exactly why this limb failed with the lack of tree debris elsewhere, but there was evidence of some rot from moisture in the crotch of the branch.  This limb has been cleaned.

These rains have also hindered our ability to get equipment on the course.  We still have plans to get the rough cut down before the weekend and have the course back to its usual condition, but extra rain will have to avoid us.
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