Turf Scouting Report, May 24th

From the perspective of weather - I have learned that Chicago and the region certainly have periods of extremes over short time spans - and distances! I did realize that when the high on May 14th at Sunshine Course in Lemont reached 94.9 degrees, meanwhile it was 81 degrees on the North Shore close to the lake - nice life! It certainly means that there are some extremes that you have to deal with based on the situations and I hope that you can communicate this to your members regarding temperatures and how you handle their effects. Another thing I learned this week is that even though we have multiple weather stations on Sunshine Course - they really do show the effects of micro-climates - and it's something that everyone needs to remember in their daily management. Despite the fact they may be separated by only 20 feet - there can be multiple degrees of temperature difference and this may reduce the competitiveness of bentgrass in particular at this time of year against Poa annua.

Click here to view the May 24, 2013 Scouting Report.

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Ed Nangle PhD
Director of Turfgrass Programs
Chicago District Golf Association
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