New Drain In 1 Fairway

The continuous rains through April convinced us to start a drainage project today in 1 fairway.  We planned to install a drain in this area this coming fall as a continuation of the drainage projects that were completed this past fall.  This area gathers a large amount of water off the approach and the fairway.  The area with the new drain at the bottom of 2 fairway has shown a noticeable difference from last year, and we expect this area to have the same result.  We hope to have the majority of it done by Friday.

The drain stretches almost the entire width of the fairway and will run into the creek.  Today we completed the trenching work.  Next up we will begin hauling gravel and laying the 4" drain tile.  We do apologize for the inconvenience, but expect the 2 days of disruption will be worth it in the end.

We are also working on another small area to the right of 10 tee.  This area is out of play but is always a problem after rains.  Because this area is smaller we are using our smaller trencher and 2" drain tile.  These drain lines will be filled with gravel to the surface and left for the grass to eventually fill in.
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