The Course And Rain

Don't let the rain stop you from coming out and enjoying an early start to the holiday weekend.  The course will be soft and casual water should be at a minimum for tomorrow.  The rain total for the past two days came to a little more that 2.3 inches.  The course has handled the rain well, and by this afternoon we were more positive about the conditions than we thought we would be.  There are a handful of areas like the one pictured on the left.  Water in these areas was pushed off this afternoon and will be rechecked in the morning.  At the end of the day today, water was still over-flowing from the pond on 17 into 16 fairway, and water was still flowing behind 14 green out of the pond on 14.  We expect these areas to stop over-flowing during the night, but will be roped off for Friday.

More arborvitae's arrived today to continue the plantings along the fence near 1 green.

We were not able to get any equipment on the course today.  The crew was able to make it through all the bunkers and check for weeds, clean the edges and rake the sand after it had been packed down by the rain.

The benefits of the drain on 15 were very evident today.  After over 2 inches of rain, there was no standing water.  Before the drain, this area would have been unplayable for several days after a rain event similar to what we just received.

This is the amount of water that was still flowing out of 17 pond and into 16 fairway.  This area will still be wet into the weekend and will be roped off.
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