The Greens Are Slow

The greens have been very slow this week.  We are working to fix this as soon as we can, but it will likely take a few days to fix this issue.  Our mechanic, Greg, has been away from the course on an unexpected temporary medical leave since Friday, May 6th.  Thankfully, Greg has been able to return home, and is expected to be back to work next week.  As you have noticed this week, Greg is extremely important to our quality of cut and it's impact on green speed and smoothness.  We have done our best to continuously adjust the mowers, but we are off our sharpening schedule.

The warm weather this week has been excellent for golf, but is also working against us in this area.  The warm nights allows the grass to grow more through the night which results in more leaf tissue on the surface.  When the mowers are not as sharp as they should be, that means more leaves are being left behind resulting in slower greens.
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